About Contractor Clients

Hey, my name is Mike Filev, and I started Contractor Clients after 10+ years of online marketing and advertising experience.

Throughout these years, I have done it all. I have built and sold multiple online businesses but more importantly I became extremely good at one thing - marketing and online advertising.

I started Contractor Clients because I knew that I can help contractors to grow their revenue and get high-quality local leads.

Today, we have a growing and highly motivated team that's ready to help you grow your business, fast!

Our Mission

Our mission is very simple - to help your business grow and make more money.

Life isn't about "The Struggle"... it's about being smart and leveraging the powerful technologies we have available today to get you the results YOU want, faster...

If you're still struggling to get your 'Ideal Clients', or you have weeks of no work... it doesn't have to be this way!

Let us help you set up an irresistible offer for your business and custom ads to get you higher-paying clients... on demand!

Us Vs. Them

There are many "Lead Generation" services out there that promise to get you high quality leads and eventually jobs...

While some of these services may work, you are competing with many contractors for the SAME leads - which leads to price undercutting and you not being able to charge a what you're worth for your service.

Instead, our leads are high-quality, local and exclusive. They want to work with your business specifically and they're not getting quotes from 3-5 other contractors!

Ready To Grow Your Business?

We'll get you high-quality, local and exclusive leads, so you can grow your business!
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